Global Health at UWM offers many opportunities for students to broaden their academic experience with study abroad and certificate opportunities.

Study Abroad

Looking for a rewarding and exciting way to study?  Studying abroad gives students a unique opportunity to learn while getting to know another culture, living in a different environment, learning a new language and being immersed in foreign customs and traditions.

Opportunities for studying abroad are available to a wide range of destinations and for lengths of time ranging from a couple of weeks to a full academic year. In short-term programs, to countries including Malawi, Kenya, Mexico, South Korea, and China, students learn about the health care systems, practices, and beliefs of their host countries.

UWM Center for International Education administers the study abroad programs.

Nursing students can apply for the Rita Mae Conway scholarship to support study abroad.

Academic Programs of Interest

Global Health - Global Studies Baccalaureate

Global Health is a track of UWM’s Global Studies B.A. degree, which is recognized nationally for its comprehensive approach to interdisciplinary globalization studies.  It combines studying abroad, mastering a foreign language, learning about globalization, and exploring career prospects as interconnected endeavors.

Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding

The Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding program is designed to cultivate the next generation of change-makers. The interacting forces of urbanization, climate change, economic inequity and ideological polarization intertwine to generate complex pressures on the environment, society, and culture. Figuring out where to start requires trans-disciplinary systems-based approaches and new ways of thinking about “solutions” and “fixes.” The Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding (MSP) was created to provide the conceptual foundation and instill the practical skills for engaging these complex “wicked” problems with methods for building peace. The MSP’s premise is that healthy and sustainable communities lead to long-term positive change. 

Global Health Certificate

 A certificate in Global Health provides students with knowledge of:

  • the global burden of disease
  • the social determinants of health in a global context
  • the principles, language, and measurement tools used in global health
  • ethics and global health
  • the global cultural, religious, and historical contexts of health, disease, and health care

Paired with a related major, the Global Health Certificate prepares students to work in changing environments and with more diverse populations. Students will be able to respond competently to the challenges presented by permeable geographic and cultural boundaries. 

Spanish for Health Professionals

The Certificate in Spanish for Health Professionals is designed to provide students with the language skills and cultural knowledge needed to help Spanish-speakers successfully negotiate the health care system. Graduates of the program leave not only with proficiency in medical Spanish but also with an understanding of the Hispanic culture and how that culture may affect healthcare practices and the delivery of health services.

Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Certificate

The Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Certificate is premised on the notion that helping people work together to creatively manage conflict will result in more peaceful and just societies, locally and internationally.