Global Health at UWM offers many opportunities for students to broaden their academic experience with study abroad and certificate opportunities.

Academic Programs of Interest

Undergraduate Degrees

Global Studies- Global Health Track
Global Health is a track of UWM’s Global Studies B.A. degree, which is recognized nationally for its comprehensive approach to interdisciplinary globalization studies.

The BS in Nursing will prepare you to be science-based, compassionate nurse leaders through innovative and quality educational programs for all specialties and settings.

Certificates (any major)

Global Health
Paired with a related major, the Global Health Certificate prepares students to work in changing environments and with more diverse populations.

Peace  and Conflict Studies 
Building peace in our community, nation, and the world will depend on our ability to work well together to solve problems and pursue opportunities. The Certificate aims to help students build the foundation in these essential skills

Spanish for Health Professionals
This certificate will enhance the credentials of individuals seeking a career in direct patient care such as a doctor, nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or physical therapist, or anyone who works with Spanish-speakers in a healthcare setting such as insurance providers or healthcare navigators.

Graduate Degrees

Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding
Graduates of the MSP are thus versed in systems thinking and the scientific approaches to dealing with complexity, which enables them to see the links among various environment and development issues.

Nursing (MN, DNP, PhD)
U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks the College of Nursing at UWM among the top 15 % of nursing schools with graduate programs because our students play such an active role in research and clinical practice.

Other UWM Partners for Health Programs

Study Abroad

Studying abroad gives students from UWM a unique opportunity to learn while getting to know another culture, living in a different environment, learning a new language, and being immersed in new customs and traditions. Opportunities for studying abroad are available to a wide range of destinations and for lengths of time ranging from a couple of weeks to a full academic year. In short-term programs to countries including Malawi, Kenya, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador, students learn about the health care systems, practices, and beliefs of their host countries. UWM Center for International Education administers the study abroad programs. Nursing students can apply for the Rita Mae Conway scholarship to support study abroad.

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International Visiting Scholars

The UWM College of Nursing is pleased to host international visiting scholars from around the world either as individuals or groups. We will work with you to customize your visit and match you with our faculty, partners, and other learning opportunities based on your research and academic interests. If you are interested in becoming an international visiting scholar or bringing a group, please contact Laura Hermanns ( for an application form.

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Global Health Scholars

The Global Health Scholars is a learning community and free certificate programs comprised of undergraduate, graduate, and medical students from campus throughout Milwaukee who convene around a shared interest in topics of local and global health equity.

The group engages in activities based on the following themes: Interdisciplinary learning and team-based skills; Ethical global health practice; Health equity; Leadership and project management; Networking opportunities. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact Laura Hermanns at for more information or to apply.