Norris Health Center and University Counseling Open All Summer Regular Hours

If you are a student at UWM too busy during the academic year to take care of your health or counseling we have great availability during the summer. Don’t delay call 414-229-4716 to schedule an appointment. A summer use fee of $60 is charged for students not enrolled during the summer.

If you are currently enrolled for class credit at UWM and pay the student segregated fee, you may use many Norris Health Center services without paying additional fees. There is no charge for an office visit to see a primary health care provider, counselor, or psychiatrist. Fees are charged for office visits to a specialty care physician, procedures, laboratory tests, medications and injections.

Eligibility for full services during the summer in addition to those students taking classes includes:

  • students not registered for summer course(s) or those who are taking audit, off-campus or on-line courses but were registered for the previous fall and/or spring semester(s) and are enrolled for the following fall semester and have paid the summer use fee
  • spring graduates not registered for summer course(s) and have paid the summer use fee

Students registered for the previous spring are eligible to use Norris pharmacy services during the summer without paying the summer fee for over-the-counter medicines and Norris prescribed medication refills.