Need health insurance? Sign up Thursday at UWM

One in six young adults in America do not have health insurance, which can put them at risk for medical debt and significant health problems.

“Having a university health center staffed by medical, mental health and health promotion professionals is key to our students’ health and well-being,” says Julie Bonner, executive director of the Norris Health Center and University Counseling and Health Promotion and Wellness. “Helping students enroll in an affordable health insurance plan or understand their insurance is another important piece of the puzzle in ensuring they have access to specialist care, emergency room care, X-rays, medications, and other procedures.”

That’s why UWM, the City of Milwaukee Health Department and the nonprofit Covering Wisconsin are hosting a health insurance enrollment fair for students (members of the general public are welcome) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 26, in the ballroom of the UWM Student Union.

Walk-in enrollment help is available on a first-come, first-served basis, or students and community members can make an enrollment appointment online at Appointments take about one hour. Students who want to enroll for health-insurance coverage for 2017 should bring the following information:

  • Social security numbers or document numbers for legal immigrants
  • Employer and income information for every person in the home who needs coverage (from pay stubs or W-2 forms)
  • Policy numbers for any current health insurance plans covering members of the household

UWM is one of hundreds of colleges and universities working to get more college students insured by Jan. 31. The university recently became one of about 60 schools recognized by the White House for meeting the goals of its Healthy Campus Challenge.