Make Good Decisions

Welcome to the Make Good Decisions website

Each year, students at UWM and universities nationwide are profoundly affected by problems related to the use of alcohol and other drugs. It is important for all students to take the time to examine their own behaviors, experiences, and motivations to ensure that they are making safe and responsible choices with regards to substance use.

Conceptualized by UWM students for UWM students, the Make Good Decisions campaign aims to provide students with the information and tools that they need to avoid the negative consequences of substance use and to foster a community where students look out for one another and act responsibly to prevent alcohol and other drug-related problems for themselves and their peers.


Don’t cross the line between a good time and a bad decision. The information available throughout this site can help you find – and stay on the right side of – YOUR line.


Please visit the new UWM Faculty and Staff Resource Website for information regarding how you can support student success by helping to mitigate issues related to substance use within our campus community.

In accordance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, UWM conducts a biennial review of its Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Program Biennial Report 2018-2020.