Medical Services

NHC Medical clinic is open and utilizing a hybrid model of Telehealth visits and in-person services.

Please note that all students enrolled currently in classes and paying segregated fees are eligible to use services without any additional fees. The usual customary fee will apply for use of lab, dispensary, and some procedures. Students not taking summer classes can be eligible for summer services if they took classes at UWM the preceding academic year, are planning to enroll for fall 2020 courses, and pay the associated fee of $10 per visit.

All students are required to call the clinic before any visit at (414) 229-4716. Please do not come to campus/center without speaking to a nurse/medical provider first. Additional details about our services are below:

  • Services for issues that are time sensitive are provided both through telehealth and in person visits. Same day appointments may be available.
  • Limited routine appointments are available and are on case by case basis. Physicals and tests for students that are required as part of their educational field/clinical experience should be able to be accommodated at this time. Please call and discuss with a nurse at the clinic as this may change due to demand to deliver care for students with time sensitive needs including COVID-19 evaluation and testing.
  • Lab is open during this time, however, please call before your visit.
  • COVID-19 testing is available through NHC. We follow state and local public health guidelines. We have partnered with the City of Milwaukee Health Department and are able to currently offer testing at no cost to students.
    • Please note that this is subject to change and we may have to use our usual reference lab which charges $78 for a NAA (Nucleic Acid Amplification) test at present. Please call (414) 229-4716 for the most up to date information on testing.
  • Dispensary is open and available for over the counter and prescription medications for treatment provided by NHC providers. Students are expected to call before visit and medications will be delivered at the front door at the scheduled pickup time.

The Norris Health Center Provides a variety of services to assist UWM students with their health issues. Click on the links below to learn specific information about our services.