What should I do if I was sexually assaulted?

Go to a place where you are safe from further violation. Anywhere away from the perpetrator(s) Anywhere where other people can assist you Police Station Health Center/Counseling Center/Hospital Emergency Room Women’s Resource Center Contact a professional, or someone you know… Read More

What if the psychiatrist recommends medication?

The Norris Health Center has a dispensary in the lower level of the building that does stock medications commonly prescribed by our psychiatrists. Prescriptions are not free of charge at Norris. There is commonly a co-pay plus a small dispensing fee for most medications. Alternately, students are… Read More

Does Norris write appeal letters?

If you are in need of an appeal letter of some kind, please talk to your academic advisor first to find out if your department/program permits the type of appeal you are seeking, and what you must do to start… Read More

Does Norris do alcohol or drug assessments?

Norris does have several counselors that specialize in alcohol and drug assessment and treatment, as well as the educational aspects of alcohol and drug abuse. The Health Promotion & Wellness Department offers education and strategies for individuals who are at… Read More

Does Norris have support groups?

Norris does offer a dissertation support group, as well as other group options each semester. Please contact us to find out what groups are currently being offered.

Are counseling and psychiatry services confidential?

Your visits with the Counseling & Consultation Services staff are private and no one outside Norris Health Center is given any information about you without your written permission. None of the information you provide becomes a part of your academic… Read More