Love of languages opens the world for UWM linguistics grad

A car crash left Abbey Palmer unable to continue her career as a massage therapist. Casting about for what to do, she decided to pursue her love of languages and linguistics at UWM. And that opened up a world of possibility and adventure.

She’s traveled to China and Russia the past two summers, buttressing her minors in Chinese and Russian. She’s taught English to refugees. And now she’s heading to England to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Oxford.

“I am both proud and amazed of where I am right now,” Palmer said. “I’m going places and I’ve been places just in the past few years that I never thought about them as possibilities.”

UWM is a family affair for Palmer. Two daughters — one a freshman, the other a sophomore — attend the university as well. “It’s really cool spending time with my daughters on campus,” Palmer said.