Image shows the hands of women in conversation.

Cultural care

A team led by Associate Professor of Nursing Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu is working to provide more and better support for Native American women after the trauma of sexual violence.

A rally outside a church Milwaukee in the 1960s.

Fair housing now!

Derek Handley is studying rhetorical strategies that African American communities used in response to urban renewal in the 1950s and ’60s.

Patrick Brady shows off a model of LIGO

The joy of astronomy’s new toy

UWM Professor and LIGO Scientific Collaboration spokesman Patrick Brady discusses what we’ve learned from gravitational waves and what lies ahead.

Photo illustration of two cell phones.

A bright idea

Two UWM researchers collaborate in search of breakthroughs for using light to transmit data, which has vast implications for technology.

Photo illustration of a chromosome

A genetic look at autism

Christopher Quinn and his lab team are opening a window into basic information about root causes of the neurological and developmental disorder.

Two UWM researchers standing in river

Making a splash

UWM researchers are developing innovative ways to filter contaminants from water, including insidious “forever pollutants.”

Spotlight: Coronavirus

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Illustration of hand directing a spray bottle at Covid-19 virus

Spraying away the COVID-19 virus

To combat the spread of COVID-19 on surfaces, UWM engineering professor Konstantin Sobolev is developing a long-lasting surface spray that repels and sterilizes droplets potentially carrying the virus.

Several airplanes at airport docking area

Flying under ominous economic skies

To predict how the COVID-19 pandemic may ultimately affect the airline industry’s bottom line, James Peoples studied how the 2013 SARS outbreak affected airlines in the Asia-Pacific region.


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Student Research

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Photo illustration of a human heart

An algorithm for the heart

The algorithm developed by applied mathematics doctoral student John Jurkiewicz will allow heart cell researchers to get their results in minutes, rather than hours.

By the Numbers

Pie chart of research grants at UWM in 2020

World-class, public-impact research

Academic, governmental and industry leaders know they can count on UWM for cutting-edge, life-changing work across a broad spectrum of fields.


Portrait shot of Mark Mone

Chancellor’s Welcome

Chancellor Mark Mone invites you to learn about how UWM’s faculty members, staff and students make a positive impact through world-class research.