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UWM LIGO researchers (from left) Alan Wiseman, Patrick Brady, Jolien Creighton and Xavier Siemens.

LIGO looks ahead

UWM physicists were crucial to the world-renowned discovery of Einstein’s predicted gravitational waves. One year later, here’s what else they hope to find.

Russell Cuhel gathers water samples.

Aqua detectives

Freshwater scientists discovered a Lake Michigan mystery, and meticulously documented data to solve it.


A UWM-constructed buoy observes Milwaukee’s Bradford Beach to ensure public health.

English prof helps “unexpected writers”

Poor writing costs companies time and money. UWM’s Dave Clark has a solution — software that will guide “unexpected writers” in producing reports and other documents.

UWM students spread startup gospel

UWM students participating in the national University Innovation Fellows program foster entrepreneurism by passing along the lessons they’ve learned.

Federal program taps UWM to grow startups

UWM has joined 35 other I-Corps sites across the country to help bring good research ideas to market. The goal: to coach 90 entrepreneurial teams in southeastern Wisconsin by fall 2017.

Startup culture gets new home at UWM

The Lubar Center for Entrepreneurship at UW-Milwaukee will be a campus facility where all students can join a community of “makers,” practice business skills, find mentors and learn innovative thinking.