2021 Issue

Illustration of hand directing a spray bottle at Covid-19 virus

Spraying away the COVID-19 virus

To combat the spread of COVID-19 on surfaces, UWM engineering professor Konstantin Sobolev is developing a long-lasting surface spray that repels and sterilizes droplets potentially carrying the virus.

Several airplanes at airport docking area

Flying under ominous economic skies

To predict how the COVID-19 pandemic may ultimately affect the airline industry’s bottom line, James Peoples studied how the 2013 SARS outbreak affected airlines in the Asia-Pacific region.

Illustration of a person holding a newspaper and using a magnifying glass to look at a graph

Seeing a way toward better health decisions

COVID-19 communication in mass media often involves graphs. Min Sook Park’s research investigates how the public’s understanding of these graphs affects perceptions of the pandemic’s severity.

Sandra McLellan wearing a hard hat and holding a beaker with fluid in front of Hoen bridge

The sewage sleuth

COVID-19 infection rates vary from location to location, which complicates health responses. Sandra McLellan researches how sewage can help track the virus.