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Hands being washed with soap

Taking a clean look

When the FDA banned 19 antibacterial additives from over-the-counter hand soaps, UWM researcher Hongbo Ma took a look at some of the replacements. What she found: Some of the new chemicals were more toxic than the ones they replaced.

Illustration of different types of workers with heart and money signs above their heads

The effect of living wage laws

Mustafa Hussein led a study about the effects of living wage laws, such as how they affect depressive symptoms and attempts to quit smoking.

Old photo of World War II pilot in a plane cockpit

A solemn recovery mission

UWM at Waukesha’a Gregg Jamison is part of a team working to find and identify the remains of soldiers missing overseas to bring them home.

A filter for farms and lakes

UWM researcher Marcia Silva has developed a filter to prevent phosphorus from fertilizer and manure from flowing into lakes and streams.

Photo illustration of Tibetan singing bowl against a background of sound waves

A sound equation

Using instruments and algorithms, Georg Essl creates sounds in ways that might stretch the imagination.

Illustration of a rocket launching

Safer fueling for rocket launches

UWM mechanical engineering doctoral student Amin Zarandi is exploring ways to fine-tune rocket fuel tanks to improve the fuel-burning process.