UWM logins will require multi-factor authentication

The University of Wisconsin System has implemented a procedure that requires all university faculty and staff to use multi-factor authentication when logging in to university accounts online.

Multi-factor authentication introduces an additional layer of security to the login process. Users are required to provide two forms of identification to verify themselves, thereby greatly increasing the security of their accounts.

Many of you are already using multi-factor authentication technology in your personal lives to pay by credit card for gasoline or to access online personal banking or other financial accounts.

To comply with this new procedure, UWM will be implementing Duo security. Once enrolled in Duo, you will be prompted to confirm your identity using an additional device when logging into UWM’s Office 365 or UWM 1Login application (including Canvas, the UW System portal, UWM Libraries Online, etc.). This device can be Duo Mobile – a free application for your smart phone or tablet, or a hardware token that will be provided to you for free.

Open enrollment in Duo multi-factor authentication is now available on UWM’s website. All UWM faculty and staff must enroll by Oct. 31.

There will be opportunities throughout the Fall semester to meet with IT staff about multi-factor authentication. These dates and times will be listed on the multi-factor authentication webpage.

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