University Housing Search & Screen: Accountant, 08/15/2019

University Housing Search & Screen: Accountant
C168 Sandburg Hall, 11:00 am
Purpose of Meeting: OPEN SESSION
i. Review Committee Expectations
ii. Review of Position Description
iii. Review Screening Form Process
iv. Review of Calendar & Dates
1. Date position closes
2. Timeline to review candidates
3. Timeline for phone interviews & on campus interviews
4. Goal date to have short list to department director

v. Review of Position Announcement & Communications/Advertising
vi. Verify committee members have access to AIMs
1. Provide instructions from manual

viii. Provide copies of sample interview questions
i. None
Contact: Amanda K Eischen,, (414) 229-5668.
This meeting may go into closed session, per state statute:
Wis. Stat. sec. 19.85(1)(c)
Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility., Wis. Stat. sec. 19.85(1)(f)
Considering financial, medical, social or personal histories or disciplinary data of specific persons, preliminary consideration of specific personnel problems or the investigation of charges against specific persons.

This meeting will reconvene in open session.

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