Nicolet students working in UWM Freshwater lab win national awards

Two Nicolet High School students have been recognized for their work alongside Michael Carvan, professor in UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences.

Ayman Isahaku and Anna Spektor received awards in May at the 2018 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh. The students won a scientific and cultural exchange visit to India, where they will present their research at the National Fair of India. They also won a $5,000 best of category award in animal sciences and a $3,000 first place award.

Isahaku and Spektorhave been working with Carvan since January, referred to him by a teacher who participated in the Science Education Partnership Award program. SEPA creates partnerships among researchers, teachers, schools, museums, science centers and others.

Isahaku and Spektorhave been researching mercury in fish, which can cause harm to the developing brains of fetuses. Pregnant women are advised to limit their intake of fish to limit their levels of mercury.

Their research project administered Metformin, adiabetes drug, to developing zebrafish embryos that were exposed tohighlevels of mercury to see if the drug could lessen the effects of mercury on the developing brain.

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