Gerrymandering, in which lawmakers carve states up into oddly shaped electoral districts that favor one political party over another, has ignited debates and been the subject of lawsuits in a number of states, including Wisconsin. UWM experts who can help explain gerrymandering, why it’s controversial and court decisions, including the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said partisan gerrymandering claims were beyond the reach of federal courts.

Sara Benesh, associate professor and chair of political science
Benesh’s research and teaching focus on judicial decision making and the judiciary, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Benesh codes Supreme Court cases as a member of the contributors team for Washington University Law’s Supreme Court Database. She can provide perspective and analysis on the high court’s most recent term, along with activities and speeches by justices. She can discuss recent rulings on voting rights, gerrymandering and redistricting.

Kathleen Dolan, distinguished professor of political science
Dolan’s research interests include women in politics, electoral and legislative politics and political participation. She can provide perspective into the political implications behind gerrymandering rulings at the U.S. Supreme Court as well as lower federal courts.