Ready to roll: UWM Move-In 2022 begins

Another school year kicked off Monday as some 3,300-plus students began moving into university housing at UW-Milwaukee, coming from around the country and around the world. An army of UWM volunteers met them, helping the students and parents get all their stuff from cars and trucks into their college homes for the next nine months.

Students will begin settling in to college life almost immediately, as Fall Welcome events begin this week. Classes begin on Sept. 6.

Some other interesting statistics and fun facts from University Housing about move-in:

  • 31: Number of states that UWM residents will be traveling from to move into residence halls
  • 46: Number of countries represented by University Housing residents
  • 105: Number of hours dedicated to training student resident assistants
  • 198: On average, the number of students scheduled to arrive per hour at UWM’s five residence halls combined
  • About 300: Number of moving carts in use per hour to help residents roll their belongings up to their rooms
  • 926: Number of lofts delivered to residence halls, with 359 needing assembly before move-in
  • About 45,000: The number of feet of shrink wrap used to help secure residents’ belongings as they move them from street level to their rooms