Encourage students to vote

We need your help in encouraging UWM students to vote. UWM is an early voting site, and any City of Milwaukee resident can register and vote weekdays in the UWM Student Union from Oct. 20 to 30.

UWM’s Student Voter Work Group has been reaching out to students via email, social media and on-campus marketing to encourage them to register and vote. Faculty members can help by sharing the following announcement in their Canvas courses:

UWM encourages you to exercise your most important civic duty by registering to vote and then voting whether that’s absentee, early, or in-person on Tuesday, Nov. 3. City of Milwaukee residents can register and vote early in the UWM Student Union from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays Oct. 20-30. If you want to vote in person on Election Day, you can find your polling location at uwm.edu/vote. You can also find information on the site on how to obtain a free student voting ID and instructions on accessing your proof of enrollment letter as valid identification.

We also encourage you to share UWM’s voting videos on social media as appropriate.

Finally, students have an opportunity to serve our democracy and get paid by working at the polls on Election Day. They can do this in Milwaukee or in their home communities. Having students sign up to be poll workers is particularly critical this year when many seniors who typically work at the polls are staying home due to COVID-19. Direct interested students to powerthepolls.org to learn more.


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