UWM faculty and staff can help media covering a range of stories related to the start of the pivotal 2021-22 school year. Please contact the UWM Media Services team at media-services-team@uwm.edu if you need help scheduling an interview.

DeAnn Huinker
Professor, mathematics education
School of Education
Can discuss topics including: How parents can help their children prepare for math classes, especially with many students preparing to move back to in-person classes after a year or more of online learning during the pandemic. Huinker is director of the UWM Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research.

Tania Mertzman Habeck
Associate professor, teaching and learning
School of Education
Can discuss topics including: Overcoming the “summer slide,” or summer learning loss, in reading and literacy; preparing to return to the classroom after a year when many students had mostly virtual reading classes.

Hope Longwell-Grice
Senior associate dean
School of Education

Robert Longwell-Grice
Senior advisor emeritus
School of Education
Can discuss topics including: How to help first-generation students succeed in college. The Longwell-Grices are co-editors of a new book, “At the Intersection: Understanding and Supporting First-Generation Students.”

Jennifer Brownson
Senior lecturer, teaching and learning
School of Education
Can discuss topics including: Social studies and culturally relevant teaching methods that address the academic and social/emotional needs of students; tips for help parents to help children get accustomed again to in-person learning or working in larger groups, such as role-playing what those experiences may be like. 

Carrie Fleider
University Counseling Services
Can discuss topics including: Issues related to mental health and higher education; mood disorders; trauma-related mental health concerns.

Kristin Woodward
Teaching and Learning Team Lead
UWM Libraries
Can discuss topics including: Information literacy in higher education courses including distance and online learning in libraries, instructional design and assessment. Open textbooks and open educational resources.