UWM faculty and staff can help media covering a range of stories related to the start of the new school year. Please contact the UWM Media Services team at media-services-team@uwm.edu if you need help scheduling an interview.

Higher education

Nadya Fouad
Distinguished professor, educational psychology
School of Education
Can discuss topics including:  Tips to help undecided college students choose a major and career path. For example, students interested in working in a STEM field may need help figuring out in what area of science, technology, engineering or math they’d like to focus. Fouad is the Mary and Ted Kellner Endowed Chair of Educational Psychology. She can also offer tips to students as they look ahead to transitioning to their careers and adjusting to changes in the workplace.

Jacqueline Nguyen
Associate professor and chair, educational psychology
School of Education
Can discuss topics including: What incoming first-year students can do to prepare for college, both academically and socially; how new students can develop a sense of belonging in college.

Carrie Fleider
University Counseling Services
Can discuss topics including: Tips to help manage stress, especially during a time of transition for first-year college students; how the pandemic affected how colleges and universities offer mental health services. A licensed clinical social worker, Fleider can also discuss mood disorders and trauma-related mental health concerns.


Abigail Phillips
Assistant professor, information studies
School of Information Studies
Can discuss topics including: The future of public libraries in an increasingly digital environment; ways that libraries can incorporate technology and thrive as educational resources in the digital age; impact of COVID on libraries as public gathering spaces; challenges faced by librarians in providing services during the pandemic.

Marc Young
Executive director
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Can discuss topics including: What high school students — particularly juniors — and their families need to do to start planning for college.

Jennifer Brownson
Teaching faculty, Teaching and Learning
School of Education
Can discuss topics including: Culturally relevant teaching methods that address the academic and social/emotional needs of elementary and high school students.

Financial literacy

Rebecca Neumann
Professor, economics
College of Letters & Science
Can discuss topics including: Financial literacy for high school students, including the importance of learning basic tasks like maintaining a bank account and budgeting; planning to pay for college; tips for college students for creating a budget.