UWM WiFi Public Option

NON-UWM visitors can obtain wireless network access via the Public option. The Public option is intended as an unsecured, time limited (renewable), web-only access network.

Use of the Public option does NOT require device set-up, however functionality is limited and insecure when compared to UWMWiFi.  Some devices may take from 60 seconds to 5 minutes to properly connect.  If after 5 minutes connection is still unavailable, the Help Desk will be able to provide further technical support.  Students, faculty, staff and other ePantherID holders should NOT use the Public option.

Mobile Devices:
If you have already accepted the “terms of use” for the Public WiFi option, but you keep getting directed to the Public WiFi authentication page, then follow the instructions below to connect your mobile device to Public.

  • iPhone or iPad
  • Android — Coming Soon! Come to the walk-in help desk in BOL 225 for assistance.

If the visitor is from a participating eduroam institution, they may be able to use their local credentials to access the UWM WiFi eduroam option. However, they must have their device configured at their home institution in order to use UWM WiFi’s eduroam option.