Users on campus have 2 main options for voice mail services:

  • Purchase an answering machine from wherever your department does their office-supply purchasing
  • Request a state-provided voice mailbox be created for you campus phone number here

State-Provided Voicemail Tips and Resources

General Information

  • A single phone line can have up to three voice mailboxes on it (called a ‘shared extension’).
  • A single voice mailbox can receive messages from several phone lines.
  • Applications offer the caller options (example: “press 1, press 2, etc.”). Applications also offer the option of asking the caller questions and soliciting a response, all automated. Call boxes allow you to leave a greeting or information for the caller, but do not allow the caller to leave a message; also known as a greet only box.

Problems or questions about voice mail? Call 9+1+414+2295800 or 5800.

TTY users and those interested in braille voice mail training please contact 9+1+414+2295800.

For more information, click here to view the DOA Visual Voice Mail Quick Reference.pdf

Mailbox Setup and Quick Reference

Accessing Your Voice Mailbox

  1. If calling from on-campus, 9+1+4142275140; off-campus, dial 8008624564
    If calling from the phone number with the voice mailbox on it, skip 2 and 3.
  2. Press *
  3. Enter ID+# (area code + 7-digit phone number of the voice mailbox being set-up): 414 + xxxxxxx + #
    • If you hear “I did not recognize that as a valid entry”, that 10-digit phone number does not have a state-provided voice mailbox
  4. Enter PIN + #
    • first time users, use: 78283942014 + #
    • if your PIN was reset, use: 4142295800 + #
    • if you’ve forgotten your PIN or hear “PIN is invalid” contact Network and Telephone Services at 9+1+414+2295800, 5800, or telephone@uwm.edu
  5. Follow prompts until the end to complete enrollment

Set-Up Your Voice Mailbox

Complete the auto enrollment process until the very end (approximately 5 minutes). The system will prompt you that you have finished enrollment. If you don’t complete the entire process (hang up, etc…) the system will not enroll the mailbox.

You are prompted to set up a recorded name, personal greeting and change your password. To exit, press *.

To create a recorded name that identifies you to callers:

  • The system states you have no recorded name. To record a name, press 1
  • At the tone, say your first and last name. When done, press #
  • Your newly recorded name plays
  • Press # to keep it or press 1 to rerecord

To record a personal greeting:

  • The standard greeting (“Sorry, / is not available”) plays. To keep this greeting, press #
  • To record a new standard greeting, press 1. Speak your greeting. When done, press #
  • Your newly recorded greeting plays. To accept this greeting and continue, press #. To rerecord, press 1

To change your PIN (passcode):

  • Enter your new PIN (see below for PIN criteria), then #
  • Re-enter your new PIN, then #
PIN Criteria:
  • At least 10-digits
  • Not the phone number of the voice mailbox
  • digits are not all the same (ex, 9999).
  • digits are not consecutive (ex, 1234 or 4321).
  • Spells their first or last name, their organization or company name, or any other obvious words.
  • Contains their primary extension –forward or reverse of digits
  • Uses the same digits more than twice in a row (ex, 900012).
  • Is 1-digit increment of a previous password (ex, 20185 to 20186).
  • Contains fewer than three different digits (ex, 18181).

To Listen to messages press:

  • To listen to new messages from the initial menu, press 1
  • To listen to saved messages from the initial menu, press 3 then 1
  • To listen to deleted messages from the initial menu, press 3 then 2

During or after message playback:

  • Restart, press 1
  • Save, press 2
  • Delete, press 3
  • Reply (and begin recording), press 4
  • Stop recording/listen, press 4 then 1
  • Delete recording/restart, press 4 then 3
  • Stop recording, press 4 then #
  • To save as new, press 6

During message playback only:

  • Go back 3 seconds, press 7
  • Restart from next 3 seconds, press 8 then 9
  • Pause message, press 8
  • Go forward 3 seconds, press 9
  • Restart, press 8 then 8

To Send a messages:

  • To send a message from initial menu, press 2
    • Enter 10-digit number, then record your message

While Recording a message:

  • Remove address, press 1 then 3
  • Review message, press 4
  • Stop recording and listen, press 1
  • Send, press 1 then #
  • Delete recording/restart, press 3
  • Cancel press, 1 then *

To Change Preferences:

  • To change preferences from initial menu, press 4
  • To rerecord your greeting, press 1 then 1
  • To turn your alternate greeting on/off, press 1 then 2
  • To edit greetings, press 1 then 3
  • To edit your standard greeting, press 1, then 3, then 1
  • To edit your alternate greeting, press 1, then 3, then 2