Handling Threatening and Abusive Calls

Calls of a threatening or abusive nature are usually intended to annoy the recipient and generally are placed by someone known by the recipient. By reacting to these calls, you will only encourage the caller to call again. Here are some tips when you receive calls of a harassing nature:

  1. Hang up immediately.
  2. If you continue to receive these calls, contact the UWM Police Department at 414-229-4627. Keep track of the date, time and phone line the call came in on.
  3. Write down the statements made by the caller to assist the UWM Police Department in their investigation. In the emotional moment of the call you may forget the exact wording of the call. Calls including threats to life and/or property should be reported to the UWM Police Department immediately.
  4. If you have received the call via a voice mail or answering machine message, do not erase the message until directed to do so by the UWM Police Department. If the call is recorded by an answering machine on a cassette tape, remove the cassette tape immediately so the message is not accidentally recorded over.
  5. If calls continue and are regular in pattern, a trace procedure can be started. Since the objective of the trace is to stop the calls, the caller’s name or telephone number will not be released to the person making the complaint. Call the UWM Police Department at 414-229-4627 if calls persist.