Emergency Phones


Emergency telephones provide an automatic connection to an emergency service (UWMPD or Milwaukee City/County, depending on location) for the reporting of any crime or emergency. They have been installed throughout the campus grounds, including at least one telephone on each level of the indoor parking structures.

The phones are in bright yellow casings mounted on black poles, topped by blue lights. The black poles have EMERGENCY written on them, and the yellow casings are also marked for emergency use.


To use these phones, open the door to the box and hold the red button until the call is answered. This will activate the 911 system, which will print out the phone’s location at the UWM police station. The caller and the police dispatcher can then converse with each other. These telephones are intended for EMERGENCY USE ONLY — this includes fire, medical emergencies, crimes in progress or crimes that have just occurred, and reporting of any suspicious persons or activity.