Dialing Instructions



If calling from an on-campus landline to another on-campus landline (aka: dialing within your Centrex switch) you may dial using the last 4-digits (example: 1122).

If calling from an on-campus landline to a local, long distance, and/or international phone number, dial 9 + the 1-digit country code (1 for USA), the 3-digit area code, and the 7-digit phone number (example: 9+1+414+2291122).

Most local calling is free, but charges are incurred for:

  • Operator assistance
  • Directory assistance*
  • Long distance dialing

* Free directory assistance is available at anywho.com. When calling directory assistance, dial the number yourself rather than having the operator connect you. Operator-assisted calls may be costly, especially for international calls.