Conference Calling

Meeting by teleconference can save both time and money.  You can set up a teleconference yourself or have an attendant do it for you.

Three Way Conversation

To learn how to set up your own three way conference, view the Campus Feature 3 Way Calling instructions.

Station Controlled Conference (Up To Six-way Conversation)

To set up your own conference using a Centrex line with as many as five additional lines. View the

Campus Feature 6 Way Conference instructions

WisLine Teleconference

Up to 68 locations can be connected using standard telephones and the WisLine Teleconference Service. The UW-Extension WisLine can also be linked with other conference services, regions of the Educational Teleconference Network or specialized networks for expanded outreach.

To reserve the number of needed lines for a WisLine teleconference call 608-262-0753. At the set meeting time, participants each dial the assigned WisLine telephone number.  Or WisLine staff can call all participants. One of WisLine’s special features is a recording service. A recording of the conference can be made as a permanent record or for those unable to attend.

  3-way Conversation Up To 6-way Conversation WisLine Teleconference
Availability Anytime Anytime 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday – Thursday, plus Friday evenings or Saturday mornings by special arrangement
To Reserve a Time Slot Call Judy Meyer at (608) 262-0753 8 a.m.-4:15 p.m.; one week lead preferred
Cost Actual telephone call costs Actual telephone call costs 9 cents per minute plus actual telephone call costs
Billing Total to originator Total to originator Fee to sponsor and calls to participants, or total to sponsor
Maximum Number of Participants Three – two may be outside the campus system Six – one must be on the campus system Any number up to 68 locations anywhere
Other Considerations Participants may leave at anytime, as long as one of the remaining parties is in the campus system.
  • Participants may call in or be called.
  • Participants may enter or leave anytime.
  • Individual lines are controlled by operator. The service is flexible and easy to set up.
  • There are group listening devices located at 20 fixed sites, or you may use your own from any location.
  • Conference may be divided into subgroups.