Conference Calling

The WisLine Audio service provided by UW System will be discontinued on 12/31/2020

The following 3 options for Conference Calling are offered at UW-Milwaukee

3-Way Conversation

To learn how to set up your own three way conference, view the PDF: Campus Feature 3-Way Calling instructions.

Station Controlled Conference (6-way conversation)

To set up your own conference using a Centrex line with as many as five additional lines, view the PDF: Campus Feature 6 Way Conference instructions

WisLine Teleconference

The WisLine Suite is ICS’s collection of collaborative services for audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, and webcasting. Together, these services provide unified communications systems which can be used separately, or blended, to help you meet more productively, save time and money, and teach and learn across time and distance.

The WisLine Suite includes:

  • wisline-anytime- WisLine Anytime – Reservationless Audio Conferencing
  • wisline-plus- WisLine Audio Plus – Reserved & Managed Audio Conferencing
  • wisline-video- WisLine Anytime Video – Video conferencing from room systems, desktops, or mobile devices
  • wisline-web- WisLine Web – Integrated VoIP and phone audio with web sharing and collaborative tools
  • wisline-webcast- WisLine Webcast – Broadcast meetings or conferences on the web with streaming video and content

For more information, visit the WisLine site: