Network Changes and New Installations


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University Information Technology Services (UITS) is responsible for managing the data network communications infrastructure to help ensure the integrity and reliability of the service in support of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) teaching and learning, research, and public service mission. UITS provides the campus network backbone, and network connectivity between UWM, the Internet and higher education networks. As part of its responsibility to provide access to University IT resources to the entire community, and ensure the integrity of the campus network service, UITS is responsible for the approval of network designs and networking components in buildings that connect to the campus network.

Although most equipment operates on the UWM network without problems, we have found that even a small misconfiguration of equipment on the network or a minor error in a network design can result in widespread network disruption. For example, incorrect placement of a “harmless,” consumer-grade wireless access point can interfere with other wireless networking, disrupting service to many others.


Approval for network designs and/or networking components must be obtained by contacting UITS at for a consultation.

Any equipment or computer that is designed/configured to serve any of the following purposes is subject to approval for use on the UWM network:

  • Network repeater, hub, switch, bridge (including devices such as “mini-hubs” and “mini-switches” that can obtained through electronics stores)
  • Wireless access point
  • Network firewall (not including firewall software intended to protect the individual computer on which it is installed)
  • Network router
  • Network patch panels
  • Network cabling between rooms or buildings
  • Network-attached special-use devices (e.g., access and surveillance systems, digital signage, etc.)
  • Experimental or prototype network implementations

The fiscal impact of any security breaches related to unauthorized networking equipment or designs will be fully charged back to the responsible unit. Reversal of any unapproved network changes/additions may be charged back to the unit.

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This document is subject to review on an annual basis by the UWM Chief Information Officer or designate.

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Last updated on June 21, 2010