Step 6: Decide on a Sensible Timeline

Don’t start looking or sign a lease too soon! The table below shows when you’ll have the largest selection to choose from, however it’s never too late to start looking. We see available rentals all year long, with the smallest selection during the winter months.

Move-In Sign a lease Start Looking
June 1st (summer) April 1st-May 1st March-April
August 1st (summer) May 1st – July 1st May-June
September 1st (fall) May 1st – August 31st June-August
January  1st (spring) December 1st October-November

This grid is a recommended timeline to help you identify when you should start looking for your living arrangements in the City of Milwaukee and when to sign a lease based on your preferred move-in date. It is important to look no more than 2-3 months in advance because landlords won’t know who is renewing the lease or leaving. This is because tenants give landlords a 60 notice to leave. Also, landlords actually raise the price if you sign too early because they know students are eager to get a house. Just be patient and wait until 2-3 months in advance to get a more reasonable price and so you can see options before signing the lease. Note: many landlords will not know what they will have available more than two to three months ahead of time.

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