Bus System: The main method of public transportation in the City of Milwaukee is the Milwaukee County Transit System.

UWM students are given a free bus pass that is valid as long as they are a student. Make sure to pick up your free bus pass from transportation services once you arrive to campus, which is located in the Union room WG25. To ride the bus, you will need to place your bus pass on the bus’s scanner and show the driver your student ID, then you’re set to ride! There are many different bus lines and routes within the city. To determine the best routes and see schedules for when and where the buses pick up, visit the Milwaukee County Transit website.

Another recommendation would be to download the app “Google Maps” on your smart phone. Google maps has a bus option that tells you what the closest bus is, where the closest stop is, and the time is it expected to be there. It also allows you to set the time to the future, so you can plan your bus route ahead of time.

Prowl Line Shuttles: UWM also provides shuttles that pick up regularly (about every 10 minutes) at different campus locations. The shuttles, called the Prowl Line, are free for students with a student ID. More information about pick up locations and times can be found on the Transportation Service’s Prowl Line page.

BOSS (Be On the Safe Side): UWM also provides a late-night transportation service that operates from 6pm-2am called BOSS or, Be On the Safe Side. This service is also free to UWM students with a student ID. These rides can be scheduled through an app on your cell phone, online, in person, or by phone call. More information can be found on Transportation Service’s webpage for BOSS.