Become a Landlord

Do you own property that you’d like to rent out to UWM students on the exclusive UWM Neighborhood Housing Listing Service?

In order to register rentals and create an account, Landlords must:

  1. Pass a Wisconsin Circuit Court background check
  2. Attend a City of Milwaukee landlord training course
  3. Submit training program certification to Neighborhood Housing
  4. Create a profile on the Neighborhood Housing Listing Service
  5. Sign-up for the Neighborhood Housing monthly newsletter to receive important announcements and updates
  6. Properties must not have any active violations from the Department of Neighborhood Services

All landlords listing with the NHO Listing Service are required to submit proof of their City of Milwaukee Landlord training certification in order to list on our listing service. Landlords must have a 10-year current certification on file. Any landlord or rental company without this certification will be removed from our listing service on January 1st, 2019. Listings will not be posted to our student population until this certificate is submitted.

Sign up or learn more about the FREE landlord training program offered by Milwaukee’s Department of Neighborhood Services.


What is the Preferred Tenant Program?

The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Neighborhood Housing Office seeks to educate students about living off-campus while enhancing community involvement. The program offers a series of educational seminars for student renters designed to provide students with fundamental resources and knowledge about living off-campus while informing them of their responsibilities as renters and laws pertaining to renting in Milwaukee. Completion of the program offers incentives to the Preferred Tenant from specific landlords and property management companies.

How does it benefit Landlords?

Landlords who participate in the program will gain interest from educated student tenants, who are cognizant of their responsibilities and the rental process. Students who participate in this training program are less likely to be problem tenants with knowledge of City of Milwaukee ordinances, what it means to be a good neighbor, awareness of common challenges associated with off campus living, and much more.