Kickstart Your Fitness Plan with the Panther Prowl

On Saturday, October 13th, the UWM Alumni Association will be hosting its annual Panther Prowl! The Panther Prowl is a 5k race, with all proceeds going towards UWM student scholarships. Not sure how to prepare for a 5k? Check out these tips to prepare for the race and kickstart your fitness plan for the semester!

Take advantage of the Klotsche and UREC

University Recreation is offering fitness assessments and training programs for students who would like to train for the Panther Prowl! This 30 minute appointment will pair you with a personal trainer to talk about your running history, workout habits, and future goals. The trainer will guide you on a 4-6 week training program as well as provide you with some great fitness tips! Additionally, they have personal trainers available throughout the semester for a low cost with flexible time commitments!

Make a routine

Devote a few days and times a week to fitting in a workout. This may be in the morning before your day begins, or at the end of your day. An extra hour or two between classes may even be the perfect time to get in a workout. Experiment to find out when you are most motivated to workout. The best way to see results is to stick with a routine!

Walk or bike to class

Plan out an extra 15 or 20 minutes to walk or bike to class, if possible. Don’t have a bike? Consider signing up for Bublr Bikes, located on campus and around Milwaukee. A special student rate is available for $20 for an annual pass!

Invest in a resistance band

Resistance bands can be bought at most major retailers for less than $10. This makes squats, lunges, bicep extensions, bicep curls, and many more exercises easier to do from home or on the go! For some exercise inspiration, check out this list of 33 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere.

Don’t give up! Use these tips to train for the Panther Prowl and soon they will become part of your every day routine.

Article Written by Mason Drenski