How to Quarantine

Living Off-Campus During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has offered a number of official statements on how to best protect yourself, your family, friends, and your roommates. For those who live in buildings with common spaces, especially apartment dwellers, keeping safe and practicing prevention habits is a bit more difficult.

Here are all the tips, suggestions and instructions straight from the CDC just for renters and apartment tenants.


Even with all of the precautions, there is still a chance you’ll contract the disease. Speak to your roommates and family about how your space can accommodate quarantine, or isolation if necessary.

Follow these steps the moment you begin to feel sick, even if it just feels like a cold.

  1. Stay home
    Unless it’s to see your doctor or go to the hospital, stay in your apartment and do not leave. Not only will you not infect others, the more you stay at home and rest, the faster you’ll recover.
  1. Separate yourself from others at home
    As best you can, stay in a designated sick room and keep away from other people. Eat separately from others. If possible, designate a bathroom just for you.
  1. Don’t share household or personal items
    Set aside drinking glasses, plates, silverware, sheets and blankets, towels and toiletries for your use and your use only. Clean them thoroughly with soap and water after every single use.
  1. Wear a face mask

  2. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands

  3. Clean and disinfect shared and personal spaces even more!