How to Keep Your Apartment Smelling Clean


Article & Photo by Alisa Weant

Keep your apartment smelling clean y cleaning it! (The Neighborhood Housing Office does not endorse the products above.)

Keep your apartment smelling clean y cleaning it! (The Neighborhood Housing Office does not endorse the products above.)

The easiest way to keep your house smelling good is to, of course, clean it. Make sure to take out the garbage and recycling often to ensure that any old foods, drinks, or whatever your throw out doesn’t stink up the house. Alongside keeping up with trash, be sure to keep dishes cleaned so the sink doesn’t pile up and the rotting smell from what was cooked a week ago, hardened onto pots and pans, doesn’t roam through the house. Keeping dirty dishes and trash from piling up inside your apartment not only helps keep an apartment looking and smelling cleaner, but it also is the most effective way to minimize smelly fruit flies.

Taking care of trash and dirty dishes may account for a lot of the smell in your kitchen, but in order to keep your whole apartment fresh, you’ll want to maintain a monthly, or even weekly, cleaning routine for the rest of the house. Make sure to clean the bathroom, living rooms, and your individual room. Vacuum carpeted floors or sweep and mop (in that order) hardwood/tile/linoleum floors. Use a rag and dust solution to dust furniture with hard surfaces, window sills, and molding on the walls. Be careful of chipping paint; many homes in Milwaukee are at risk for lead paint contamination, so avoid contact by using gloves and even as face mask. Keeping up on laundry will also ensure that there will be no smell of moldy and wet clothes.

Aside from cleaning the house, putting out candles is an easy way to make the whole house smell nice and can also be a small decorative piece. Candles are also an easy way to keep up with the seasons and the holidays. For example, getting a pumpkin spice or ginger scented candle can get you in the fall holiday spirit and make your house smell good. If the smoke and soot from candles bothers your throat and lungs, consider looking for candles made with beeswax instead of paraffin to minimize irritation. If for some reason candles aren’t your go-to or you don’t like them, you can always get air fresheners. Some air fresheners you can walk around and spray from a can, some you can plug in, and others you can just have sitting out and some are automatically sprayed. Whatever you decided to choose and whatever scent, candles and air fresheners are easy ways to keep your house smelling extra fresh; even if we all get a little lazy sometimes and don’t want to clean as much as we should. To keep your nose from getting used to the scent, try rotating between two or three different scented candles or air fresheners so you can always enjoy the aroma.