Meet Our Team

External Relations Student Assistants

External Relations Student Assistants (ERSA) help build relationships between UW-Milwaukee’s off-campus students and long-term residents living in the neighborhood. They provide resources to students living off-campus and represent students in neighborhood association meetings.  They also produce and deliver newsletters in the neighborhood with seasonal information on renting, safety, and nearby events. ERSA’s have significant leadership and administrative responsibilities in the office and are your first point of contact regarding any neighborhood housing needs and concerns. In addition to daily office functions, they serve in a variety of capacities, including managing website listings for available housing arrangements, assisting student tenants regarding their rights and responsibilities, and making referrals to campus and community resources.

Carmen Pina

Hi! My name is Carmen, I am in my sophomore year of school studying nursing here at UWM. I have been off-campus renting in Milwaukee for over a year now. I enjoy exploring new parts of Milwaukee, attending sporting events like Bucks/Brewers games with my friends, and finding good places to eat! The Neighborhood Housing Office is an amazing resource for first-time student renters to get to know the ins and outs of renting in the Milwaukee area!

Chinmaye Vishwesh

Hi! My name is Chinmaye Vishwesh, and I am an External Relations Student Assistant in the NHO! I am going to be a senior at UWM this fall and hope to graduate with my BSN next December! I love working at the NHO because their office hours are flexible with your class schedule, you can take on responsibilities that will expand your skill set, you get to make great connections with students, and have leadership opportunities inside and outside of the office! I was a transfer student my sophomore year and utilized this office to help ease the difficult transition of finding off campus housing! The Milwaukee area is a beautiful and exciting place to live, and our office offers many resources to aid in finding your place. 🙂  

Marketing Specialists

Nick Cervac

Hello, my name is Nick, I am in my Junior year at UWM and am studying marketing. I have been off-campus renting in Milwaukee for almost a year now. I enjoy all of the outdoor activities that Milwaukee has to offer, I particularly spend lots of time at Bradford Beach and Veteran’s Park. The Neighborhood Housing Office has given me lots of opportunities to build on my marketing skillset by securing various sponsors for our events. I learned that one size doesn’t fit all and anyone can be apart of the NHO.

Megan Nygaard

Hi! My name is Megan, and I am in my junior year studying marketing and graphic design here at UWM. I am one of the Marketing Specialists at the NHO! I like working at the NHO because I am able to learn so much about housing laws and living opportunities around campus – and then I can help educate other students, too! Working on marketing the amazing events from the NHO is so much fun. Outside of work, I like to watch sports (Go Pack Go and Bucks in Six!), hang out with my friends, watch Netflix, and read. I have been renting off-campus for almost two years now. The Neighborhood Housing Office was such a huge help when I was starting my rental search, and I am so excited to be a part of this incredible team and help bring awareness to our resources to help students with their searches!