Bulky Item Pick-Up Guidelines

Bulky items are those that are too large to be placed in your garbage cart, such as broken furniture or old mattresses. Yard waste, electronics and TVs, appliances, and tires are not considered bulky waste and must be disposed of by taking them to a drop-off center.

Regular Pick-Up

1 cubic yard of bulky items (the size of a recliner) may be put at your regular collection point for pickup on your regular day. You do not need to fill out an online request or call the City of Milwaukee.

Special Pick-Up

There is a fee for collecting more than 1 cubic yard. Place these large items at the collection point and then request a special pick-up online or call (414) 286-2489.

  • $50 for 2-4 cubic yards
  • $150 for 5-6 cubic yards

Drop-Off Centers

City of Milwaukee residents may drop off bulky waste items at a drop-off disposal center free of charge. This is also where you can dispose of electronics, appliances, and tires for recycling.

Donation Centers

If your bulky items can be reused, consider donating them instead. There are a variety of local organizations that can even collect items from your home.

Construction and Demolition Waste

Construction and demolition waste is collected differently than bulky items. This waste can be taken to a drop-off disposal center for a limited fee or collected via a pre-paid request. Call (414) 286-2849 for additional information and fees. Small amounts of carpet (the size of an area rug) can be picked up curbside and are not considered construction and demolition waste.

Project Clean & Green

Project Clean & Green is a city-wide program that includes targeted street and alley sweeping and provides additional free bulky pick-ups for residents with City of Milwaukee solid waste collection service. You can find your Project Clean & Green collection day and then place acceptable items at the garbage collection point along with your regularly collected garbage. This is your opportunity to get ride of excess household debris at no cost.