A Guide to Transportation in Milwaukee

Daytime Parking

Parking on the streets of Milwaukee can be difficult at times and often requires a residential parking permit in the areas near UWM. In order to obtain a residential parking permit, you must have a valid Wisconsin license with an address that matches your current Milwaukee residency, and Wisconsin license plates.

What to do if you need parking:

  1. Change the address on your license online or go to the DMV to get a new license. The DMV will require a form of identification and proof of residency to get a new license, you can find information about acceptable forms of identification on the Wisconsin DMV website. Information for new residents can be found on the DMV website as well. Costs for IDs and Driver’s Licenses can be found on the DMV website and IDs for the purpose of voting are free. If you meet the right criteria, you can update your ID address online instead of in-person at a DMV.
  2. If your car is registered outside of Wisconsin, register it in the state of Wisconsin. To do this, go to the DMV and bring your car’s title, proof of identification and proof of sales tax if you have owned the vehicle for less than 90 days. Bring a form of payment to complete the registration, expect to pay around $200. More information on registering your car in Wisconsin can be found on the Wisconsin DMV website. Never keep your car title in your car, keep it in a safe space in your home. If you car gets towed you will need to title to retrieve it.

Night Parking

There is no parking on city streets between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday unless a vehicle has an Overnight Parking Permit  or Temporary Night Parking Permission.

Night parking permits cost $55 annually or $20 for a 4-month period (January-April; May-August; September-December). Night parking permits can be purchased online or at the Milwaukee Police District that you currently reside in. Call (414) 933-4444 and ask for the location of your district station or click on district station locations. 

Alternate Transportation Options

Milwaukee County Transit System

All UWM students will receive a free U-PASS MCard that can be used to ride the City of Milwaukee buses free of charge, during their time as a student. The city buses are a great and easy way to get around. There are 7 local bus routes and 3 express bus routes in Milwaukee County that take passengers directly to the University.

Please note that under COVID-19 Restrictions: MCTS continues to limit riders to 10 per bus, fare collection and front door boarding has resumed, riders are strongly encouraged to wear masks while on board, and the MCTS Administration Building is closed to visitors. More information and updates on MCTS can be found on their websiteupdated as of June 24, 2020


BOSS is a safe ride service available to UWM students, operating every day between the hours of 6:00 PM and 2:00 AM during the traditional academic calendar. More information on BOSS can be found on the Transportation Services Website.

Prowl Line

The Prowl Line is an alternative to the city bus system that provides services from UPASS Lots and residence halls to campus. The Prowl Line is accessible to all UWM students.

Find more information on the Prowl Line here.

Off Campus Shuttle

The Off-Campus Shuttle provides transportation to several off-campus UWM locations (see below), and is available to students who are taking a class or performing research in one of the approved locations, and to faculty/staff who have UWM-related business and need transportation.

Find more information on the Off Campus Shuttle routes here.

Bublr Bikes

There are a large number of Bublr Bikes stations on campus and around Milwaukee. UWM students may purchase a Bublr permit for $20.00 annually.

You may also choose to bring your own bike to campus. In this case, make sure to properly secure your bike in the proper places around campus. The UWM Police recommend a secure “U-Lock.”

Bike Lane Rules:

  • You must ride your bike in the street unless you are with someone under the age of ten
  • Bicyclists must stop at stop signs and stop lights
  • Motor vehicles are not permitted to use bike lanes as travel lanes
Off-Campus Parking Spots for Rent

You can use the Neighborhood Housing Office’s Listing Service to find paid parking spots around campus advertised by landlords.

On Campus Parking

Information about how to purchase permits online and which permits include overnight parking is listed on the transportation services rates page.