9 Great Places to Study Around UWM

With midterms taking place, and finals coming up in a couple of months, we have put together some wonderful places to study on and off campus!


UWM Golda Meir Library is right here on campus at 2311 E. Hartford Ave., so you will not get much closer than this! There are different levels and study areas throughout the building so you can choose whichever environment suits you best. Also included in this library is The Grind, a coffee shop with a variety of beverages and food. The building is wheelchair accessible as well. You may recognize this library in the photo to the right!

Milwaukee Public Library has several locations around the city, with the newly built East Wing being the closest to campus at 2320 N. Cramer St. It has plenty of art on the interior and exterior of the building, which makes for a lovely atmosphere. If you prefer a more public area with a substantial amount of resources, then this place may be perfect for you. All branches are wheelchair accessible. 

Shorewood Public Library can be found in the heart of Shorewood at 3920 N. Murray Ave. If you are looking to study at a smaller library, then you may want to check it out. There are 2 floors and the building is wheelchair accessible. Regulars rave about how clean and quiet the library is, and how friendly the staff are. 


Lake Park is beautiful in the fall. Just a short distance from campus, it is located at 2975 N. Lake Park Rd. There are several distinct areas of this park, so you will be able to pick which atmosphere fits your studying style best. From open meadows to narrow trails, every area offers a different look. Also, if you need a break, there is a restaurant right in the park. Take a peek of this park in the photo to the left! 

Atwater Park is a family-friendly park located in Shorewood on the 40th block of Lake Drive, only a short driving distance away from campus. The outdoor scenery is breathtaking as it overlooks Lake Michigan, with unique art sculptures along its paths. If you love outdoors and Lake Michigan is your favorite view, then this may be a great spot for you.  

Estabrook Park is close to campus at 4400 N. Estabrook Dr. If you prefer to walk or bike for getting around the city, this park is located just off the Oak Leaf Trail and there is even a dog park if you want to bring a companion with you. While the park may seem large, it is fairly quiet and can make for a fantastic outdoor study area. 

Coffee Shops

Starbucks has several locations throughout the city, the closest being 2551 N. Downer AveIt is conveniently located next to a local bookstore, Boswell Book Company. These shops can be busy, so if you are into a more engaging atmosphere with music and people, then this may be the right spot for you. Also, the building is wheelchair accessible. 

The Roast is only 2 blocks away from campus at 2132 E. Locust St. and an easy go-to if you prefer to walk for getting around. It is a smaller shop, wheelchair accessible, and a good place to go with friends. Also, there are large windows overlooking Locust and Maryland if you enjoy having a view of the outside while staying indoors. 

Colectivo has 4 locations within very close driving distance to campus. If you are into the scenery, we would recommend the Lakefront Colectivo Coffee which is located at 1701 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr. This building was built in 1888 and is gorgeous inside and out, with wheelchair accessibility. Check out the photo to the right! 

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Article Written by Julianna Cibula