Lab Equipment

Bertec Balance Advantage – Dynamic CDP

Enables balance assessment & rehabilitation in a virtual environment through the use of force plates and virtual reality technology.

Young woman attached to the Bertec Balance Advantage - Dynamic CDPYoung woman attached to the Bertec Balance Advantage - Dynamic CDP

BTE PrimusRS

  • Facilitates multi joint testing of strength and movement, orthopedic rehabilitation, neuromuscular re education, and advanced musculoskeletal training of the extremities and core.
  • Is capable of replicating the motion of nearly any functional task or daily activity through the use of attachments.

Front view of a woman throwing a softball underhand using the BTE PrimusRSSide view of a woman throwing a softball underhand using the BTE PrimusRS

Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG

  • Provides real time feedback of muscle activity.
  • Contains a triaxial accelerometer and wireless transmission range of 40 meters.

Vicon Nexus Camera System

Utilizes a camera array to track reflective markers placed on anatomical landmarks on the human body through three-dimensional space.

Young woman in wheelchair with reflective markers on her shoulders and arms with the Vicon Nexus Camera System overhead

CosMed USA K5

Measures oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production to monitor a subject’s metabolic activity.

Hocoma ArmeoSpring

Utilizes an exoskeleton and computer software to aid in motor control rehabilitation of the upper limbs.

Side view of young woman, sitting, using the Hocoma ArmeoSpringRear view of young woman using the Hocoma ArmeoSpring while getting feedback from the screen in front of her

Mclain Wheelchair Training Rollers

Allows for stationary wheelchair training through the use of two roller drums. Different levels of resistance can be set through the use of the attached flywheel.
Young woman in a wheelchair that is sitting on Mclain Wheelchair Training Rollers

OptiTrack Camera System

Provides a portable multi-camera setup to allow motion capture outside of a laboratory environment.

Solo Step Fall Protection and Balance System

Assists subjects with maintaining their balance during stationary and mobile motion capture trials through a ceiling supported harness.

Novel emed pedography platform

Measures pressure distribution in the foot during static and dynamic conditions.
Novel emed pedography platform

Out-Front SmartWheel

Provides information on forces and moments applied to the handrim during wheelchair propulsion through an intstrumented wheel.

AMTI MCW Sensors

Monitors the forces and moments generated during the use of walkers, canes, and crutches.

Geomagic Touch X

Allows users to feel digital objects in three-dimensional space through haptic feedback.