Home Visiting Resources for Parents/Caregivers

Addiction/Substance Abuse

  • Recovery.org
    A resource created for finding recovery programs and support groups.
  • Addiction Center
    This resource provides current information on addiction and reviews of treatment centers throughout the country.


  • The Recovery of Hope: This video helps women explore the ramifications of their substance abuse during pregnancy, as women share their personal stories.
Additional Resources
Child Development

Other Resources

As a child grows they achieve different milestones along the way. The Center for Disease Control has put together milestone checklists for various ages:



  • Parenting the First Year
    You can use the newsletter series to find out from child development experts how your baby changes during each month of the first year.
  • Parenting the Second and Third Years
    In this set of 12 newsletters, find out from child development experts how your toddler changes during each two months of the second and third years.

Click here to access all of UW-Extension’s parenting newsletters and other parenting resources

Health & Nutrition
Home Visiting
  • Home Visiting
    A Closer Look. PEW Charitable trusts. What the benefits of home visiting are from a parents perspective.

  • Pregnancy Help
    About the YWCA Nurse-Family Partnership program of Metropolitan Dallas. Hear from women who participated in the program and nurses themselves who work in the program. For information on the Nurse-Family Partnership in WI, click here.


  • Expecting a baby! Our Preparing to Parent newsletters cover each trimester of pregnancy and help you prepare for birth and beyond.
Safe Sleep Guidelines
Teens & Tweens
  • myparenthetical.com:
    Check out this free University sponsored online community for parents of kids ages 10-16. It’s a parenting website, blog and social network all in one place. Gain new insights as you connect with other parents.