MCWP Publications

Critical Concepts Practice: Safety Assessment
criticalbookCritical Concepts Practice: Safety Assessment is a workbooks that reviews the structured, critical thinking process used in analyzing initial information-gathering and safety decision-making. This process is rooted in WI State Standards and prepares case workers to understand what is required to make initial safety decisions and begin next steps in the case process.The main objectives are to help case managers:

  • Use critical thinking and WI State Standards to guide and justify safety intervention decisions at a basic level of proficiency.
  • Assess the sufficiency of the safety plan to control identified safety threats.
Handbook For Foster Parent Trainers

foster book

Handbook For Foster Parent Trainers: The resource provides information about our programs and how they function as well as practical information about our business procedures. You will also find our expectations for trainers as well as training tips and resources.

Caregivers Fostering Permanency


Caregivers Fostering Permanency: This resource tool is meant to be a guide for child welfare workers as they work with, and empower, foster parents to better promote and support child permanency.

Supervisor Guidebook


Supervisor Guidebook: Reference for new supervisors on adjusting to the new role and preparing yourself and your team for supervision. Developed by the DMCPS and MCWP.

New Staff Safety Intervention Guidebook

New Staff Book

New Staff Safety Intervention Guidebook: Outlines transfer of learning activities and goals for supervisors to work on with their staff as they progress through foundation trainings.