Fulfilling the Promise Conference


March 12-14, 2019
Osthoff Resort
Elkart Lake, WI

2019 Theme: For a More Powerful You: Recharging Your Caregiver Batteries

The Fulfilling the Promise Conference seeks to provide participants with a rich learning experience covering a wide variety of topics that provide participants with evidence-based practices and programs and best practices within the field of parent education and family support. Participants generally are experiences and educated and will benefit from a more in-depth look at topics. Participants have also appreciated tools, resources and ideas they can take back to use in their work right away so please be sure to spend some time on how your information can be transferred into application in the field.

Conference Structure

Day 1 and 3 workshops are 75 minutes in length, with an option for 2 session blocks of 150 minutes total. Day 3 full day sessions are 6 hours in length, with a 1-hour break for lunch. We also have the option of a 1/2 day workshop on Day 3 We encourage presenters to use an interactive presentation with a variety of formats including lecture with questions and answers, demonstrations, or panel discussion (with no more than 3 panelists). For presentations that have more in-depth material, presenters can ask for a double time slot of 2 workshop slots to provide a total of 150 minutes of time, or a 1/2 day workshop on Day 3.


Presentations can cover topics such as:

  • Research that supports the importance of self-care in your work
  • Self-care strategies participants can practice themselves, and with families they serve
  • The consequences of neglecting self-care
  • Teaching children self-care
  • Home visitor safety
  • Infant mental health
  • Supporting mental health of families
  • Working with parents with mental health or substance abuse issues
  • Supporting supervisors to maintain self-care
  • Self-care through daily routines/rituals
  • Who cares for the caregivers?
  • The benefits of thankfulness
  • Mindfulness
  • Fitness
  • Identify and nurture your passion
  • Hands-on activities to use with families
  • Health and wellness
  • Nutrition and much more!

These are just a sampling of the many topics we’d love to see presented for the 2019 Conference. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ftpconference@uwm.edu with any questions or clarification. Proposals are due September 14th, 2018 so please submit today, we’d love to have you be a part of this excellent opportunity!

Submit your proposal here: https://tinyurl.com/ftp2019

2018 Conference Archive

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