Foster Care

About Our Program

The Parents Training Program provides initial and ongoing support to foster, adoptive, and kinship parents. All aspects of the program aim to give all out of home care parents the knowledge, skill, coaching, peer support and resources they need to provide nurturing care to the children they parent both temporarily and permanently.

The training program includes the following components:

Training dates, by county, can be found on our Statewide Foster and Adoptive Parent Training Calendar page.

Getting Started

Preplacement Training is required for all individuals pursuing a foster care license. These sessions are designed to reinforce and clarify any information participants have learned as part of the licensing process, as well as to orient participants to the Foster Parent Handbook. Each course consists of three session lasting three hours each. Sessions must be taken in order and completed prior to taking placement of a child. To get started, please see your Foster Care Licensing Worker.

Child Care

We offer limited, free child care services at our Center for Learning for foster, adoptive, and kinship parents who are attending training classes. In order to be eligible for child care services, children must be registered at least one week prior to the scheduled training session.