Rebecca Bourn, PhD

Assistant to the Graduate Program Chair; Calculus Coordinator; Teaching Faculty I
Mathematical Sciences - General

Educational Degrees

  • PhD, University of Virginia, 1997
  • MAM, University of Virginia
  • BS cum laude, Milligan College, 1990

Selected Service and Projects

  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Selected Publications

  • Bourn, R and SC Baxter.  “Creating Environments for Fostering Effective Critical Thinking in Mathematics Education (Math-EFFECTs)”.  American Society for Engineering Education, 121st Annual Conference & Exposition. June 15-18, 2014.
  • Bourn, R, BS Fralik, and SC Baxter.  “Distributions of elastic moduli in mechanically percolating composites”.  Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, (2013).
  • Bourn, R and SC Baxter.  “Developing Mathematical Intuition by Building Estimation Skills”.  American Society for Engineering Education, 120th Annual Conference & Exposition. June 23-26, 2013.
  • Bourn, R, TE Peterson, and HG Wood.  "Solution of the pancake model for flow in a gas centrifuge by means of a temperature potential". Computer Methods in Appl Mech and Eng, 178 (1-2) (1999).
  • Bourn, R, RJ Babarsky, and HG Wood.  "Onsager's Minimum Principle Revisited".  Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Separation Phenomena in Liquids and Gases. 1994.