Colloquium: Dr. Xudong Lai

UW-Milwaukee Department of Mathematical Sciences presents,
Dr. Xudong Lai;
PhD Student
Beijing Normal University & UW-Madison
Friday March 11, 2016
2:00pm in EMS E495

**Light Refreshments will be served beginning at 1:30pm in EMS E424A**

Weak type (1,1) bounds for rough singular integral operators

In this talk, I will give a weak type (1,1) bound criterion for the singular integral operator with rough kernel. As applications of this criterion, we verify that many important rough singular operators, such as Calder\’on commutator, higher order Calder\’on commutator, general Calder\’on commutator, Calder\’on commutator of Bajsanski-Coifman type and general singular integral of Muckenhoupt type, are all of weak type (1,1).