UWM has contracts with five marketing agencies that campus units can use when MarComm can’t do the work. All units must receive approval from the MarComm vice chancellor before hiring an agency.

The agencies have contracts to provide three specific services:

How to Hire an Agency

Step 1: Complete MarComm’s project intake form.

Step 2: Within a week, a MarComm manager will schedule a meeting to discuss the request.

Step 3: If MarComm can’t provide the requested service(s), the manager will then schedule a meeting with an agency. The meeting will include representatives from the campus unit.

Step 4: The agency will email a detailed proposal that includes the following:

  • budget
  • creative elements
  • goals and objectives
  • media strategy with impressions, costs, etc. (if appropriate)
  • research method (if appropriate)
  • deliverables
  • next steps

Step 5: If the campus unit decides to move forward, its representative should complete a Scope of Work (SOW) from UWM Purchasing. The agency’s final proposal must be attached to Purchasing’s SOW.

Step 6: Work may begin once the SOW receives all required signatures. The campus unit and agency should work directly with each other at that point.

Invoices and Payment

Agency invoices should be sent to the campus unit for payment. Invoices should not be sent to MarComm.