Savor the Moment: What a Cup of Tea Can Teach Us About Mindfulness & Entrepreneurship

Well Entrepreneur is interested in looking at mindfulness and compassion as concepts beyond feel-good ideas, and instead as skills that we can develop to meet some of the challenges of entrepreneurship in a healthy way. Practicing mindfulness during simple, daily activities like drinking a cup of tea helps us to cultivate our awareness, deepen our sense of presence, and consciously direct our attention to let go of distractions, improving our ability to focus in the here and now. 

Mindfulness means becoming aware of each passing moment without judgement. Paying attention with the senses happens within the body, deepening mindfulness of and connection to the present moment.  Below is a guided mindfulness practice to support engaging the five senses while drinking a cup of tea (or any beverage). The purpose of this practice is to begin to cultivate qualities of mindfulness that can be applied to the entrepreneurial thinking in a way that can support: 

  • Learning how to pay attention with intention
  • Cultivating a sense of curiosity
  • Developing the confidence to take risks
  • Detach from the outcome and expectations
  • Learning how to pivot and persist in a resilient way
  • Widening a sense of perception


Savor the Moment: A Five Sense Mindfulness Practice

Enjoy this practice with a cup of tea or your favorite beverage!

  1. First, notice colors, textures, and different shapes of the cup of tea. What do you see?
  2. Take one deep breath. What do you smell? Do any specific memories come up?
  3. Hold your cup of tea. Notice the temperature, weight and texture. What do you feel?
  4. Savor the taste—is it pleasant or unpleasant? Do you prefer it stronger or weaker?  What do you taste?
  5. Take one deep breath. Listen to the sounds around you. What sounds seem close by? Far away?

Reflection: How might you apply the qualities of mindfulness to your entrepreneurial thinking and experience?