Pitch In at Light Speed Retrospective

On October 17, students were invited to pitch at a new kind of pitch competition that rewarded practiced participants and encouraged new “pitchers” to test out their skills. The UWM Black Student Cultural Center and Lubar Entrepreneurship Center introduced this new version of the Pitch In at Light Speed competition after the inaugural competition last year. Students that were experienced pitchers competed in the experienced level and students that were less familiar with the process were categorized as entry level. Both levels pitched in front of three judges, Khalif El-Amin from Young Enterprising Society (Y.E.S), Todd Cullen from Northwestern Mutual, and Nyesha Stone from Carvd N Stone. Students in the experienced level competed for $1,000, $700, and $500 prizes, while students in the entry level competed for three $100 awards from the UWM Foundation made possible by Northwestern Mutual.

The experienced pitchers gave two-minute pitches, and were required to share information regarding themselves, a target customer, current problems and solutions, and what actions will be taken in the next month.  

There was a short workshop on how to pitch where experienced student pitchers worked one-on-one with entry level pitchers. Once prepped, the entry level students pitched their ideas. The event welcomed new students to the LEC who are now active in our programming.  

The Pitch In competition was a great success with students walking away more confident in their pitching abilities and enjoying the practice experience. 


Experienced level –

1st: Sam Keehan, Stone Accessories

2nd Amanda Rahfaldt, All About Workout

3rd LaFonte Brown, Bruty Bus

Entry level –

Raphael Azcueta

Mathew Herman

William Gustafson

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who attended! We look forward to your future endeavors and seeing you at more LEC events!