Mr. Sheldon Lubar, Dedicated Wisconsin Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

On April 23rd, the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center (LEC) invited Wisconsin philanthropist and entrepreneur, Mr. Sheldon Lubar to an intimate chat with UWM students, including members of the UWM Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) and the UWM Innovation Fellows, as well as Ideas Challenge Faculty, Dr. Anne Basting and Kim Beckmann.

Guests gathered for a unique glance into the life of a family that has and continues to shape not only Wisconsin education and entrepreneurship, but also business around the country. Through a Q & A discussion led by LEC Director, Brian Thompson, and CEO President, Matt Kemper, Mr. Lubar journeyed through his greatest accomplishments and failures, touching on important life milestones like his time serving as the Federal Housing Administration’s Commissioner and coining the term “Professional Ownership™”.

We are deeply grateful to the Lubar family for their investment in Wisconsin education and entrepreneurship and for joining us to inspire UWM students, faculty, and staff. We can’t wait for our Lubar Entrepreneurship Center to be built in your family’s honor. We will make you proud!