In neurosurgery it is crucial for the neurosurgeon to have instantaneous feedback from the patient while performing a resection of a tumor. The Neuromapper App allows the neuropsychologist to administer tests in the operating room to the patient while the surgeon is surgically removing tumors from the brain. This has been tested with great outcomes at many of the major hospitals and research centers in the US. The current app has tests which can be administered to test the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe and temporal lobe.

However, there is not a way to test the motor control parts of the brain. The current process is to use the squeeze test, where the patient will squeeze the fingers of the examiner or a dynamometer with a gauge and it is up to the examiner to determine pass/fail, relaying this information to the surgeon. One huge issue with this approach is that when motor control is impacted by surgical resection it is generally not reversible. With our solution we will be better positioned to continually monitor motor control in addition to other testing.




Red Rover