Hivemind is an open-source, internal, knowledge-based repository that stores and secures tribal knowledge. The goal is to actualize an online knowledge-based repository that is accessible to employees in need of specific information to include how-to’s on completing specific tasks and actions. A search engine would be included that employees can utilize when trying to find specific articles on completing a certain action.

It would be made open source meaning that employees can suggest updates to it by sending a revision to a specific team which will overlook any changes that can be made to it. Those who are knowledgeable can write step-by-step directions, like a manual, on which processes take the longest time to explain and understand and upload it to this knowledge base for any current and future employees to look at so they do not have to continually ask questions about routine tasks.

This will include which department does what, when to escalate to someone and their information, step-by-step directions, where to go to find something, etc. This would especially be useful whenever an employee is preoccupied with other matters and cannot answer in a timely manner or is unavailable now.

This knowledge base would reduce the time it takes to find the proper information on how to achieve a task. It would increase collaboration and communication between the numerous departments streamlining the work flow and increasing efficiency by knowing what to do next or who to contact without having to wait for a reply.


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