Cite Club

Our idea begins with KL3 Studios LLC, a game company I, Laya Liebeseller, and Dr. Krista-Lee Malone started just this summer. We are looking to create games that focus on holistic education, providing people with tools and skills they can use throughout their lives. The two games we are focusing on now, our flagship games, are tentatively called Cite Club and Expressions. Cite Club, the game we will focus on for the Start-Up Challenge, is a card game aimed at teaching students (6th grade – Undergrad) how to find and use sources and citations for classroom assignments, how to identify legitimate, scholarly sources, and how to competently use this information to make arguments. Expressions is a role-playing game aimed at children (4-18) and possibly adults, that teaches about emotional competency, providing different ways to understand core emotions and how they work together, as well as language to describe those emotions. The game ideas we have so far come directly from problems or issues we have repeatedly witnessed in the college classroom, as well as in our lives more generally. We believe strongly that games can provide a different medium for understanding and internalizing lessons in a new way.