Featured Student Entrepreneur of the Month – October: Loren Nelson

Get to know out featured student entrepreneur of the Month of October, Loren Nelson.

This month, we the UWM LEC Interns (Grace Rogers and MJ (Madeline) Horinek) met with Loren to get to know her more. When we heard what she had to say, we thought that others would find her story just as inspiring as we had, so we had to share what we learned. Follow along in our interview with Loren, a junior in Marketing, to get to know more about her, and the creative mind behind her work.

MJ: What is your driving passion?
Loren: My driving passion is to follow my purpose of inspiring others to be great, and to be a light to people, who feel lonely and unvalidated.

MJ: What is your mission (what gets you up in the morning, what problem are you trying to solve)?
Loren: My mission is to become the best version of myself, while creating a legacy for my family.

Grace: What project(s) are you currently working on?
Loren: As of now, I am currently working on 3 projects. The first project I am working on is my company, Lëvor. Lëvor started off being a company where I made custom-made wigs and sold extensions, but it has grown to be so much more. I now create all natural and organic hair care products for both men and women. My partner Michael Kirsanov and I are now working on scaling the company into many retail shops and salons, along with adding new and improved products. My second project that I am working on is called Tennis Bot, which I will be working on with Michael as well. Lastly, I am in the beginning process of creating a new project in Flint, which currently has no name. This project will consist of rebuilding new parks in the city for our kids, and creating a new and improved environment, to begin the new era of Flint, MI.

Grace: Where did the inspiration for your project(s) come from?
Loren: The majority of these projects stem from previous activities that I would practice in my free time, as a hobby, or as a lifestyle.

MJ: Was there ever a time that you felt like giving up? Or when one of your projects failed/was failing? How did you get through it? What did you learn?
Loren: The way I see entrepreneurship is like a game. Being a former athlete (tennis player), there are many times that you have the wrong strategy, and there are also many times that you lose. Having that background has taught me to be resilient in every aspect of business. I can honestly say, at the very start of my company Lëvor, I lost lots and lots of money, but there was never a time where I felt like I wanted to give up. I may have been upset or even a bit irritated, but all of those lessons taught me to appreciate the times when things don’t work out, because those times are what brought me to where I am today, and I know there will be plenty of other great learning lessons to help me grow to become even better.

MJ: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
Loren: I would tell myself to hold off on shopping for a while, and to save my money for more important things.

Grace: What else do you want us to know about you?
Loren: In my free time, I really enjoy being a part of the creative art scene here in Milwaukee. Whether it be going to watch spoken word, watching art shows, or dancing, I am always searching for new things to be inspired by. I love people, I love how everyone’s mind is so different. It’s quite intriguing. For both myself and for my company, I have many goals, but will only name a few. One of my main goals for Lëvor is for it to be in the top 3 of best-selling all natural and organic hair care products by 2021. A goal I have set for myself, is to get to a place in life where I can be in the position to host grand balls, which would then allow me to wear a fancy dress anytime I choose. So, to sum that up, I plan on being an icon. I am an icon.


Thank you, Loren, for all the work you have done and continue to do – your story is an inspiration to all who know it and know you.  Loren, like many other students here at UWM, is crucial to the vibrant entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem here in Milwaukee and even around the globe.